TraderSync or free TraderDiaries

In the world of trading, diary play an important role, helping traders improve their results and analyze their successes and failures. However, popular journals require a paid subscription, which can be inconvenient for some, especially for beginners. In this article, we will explore the choice between the paid TraderSync and the free TraderDiaries.
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Cost of usage

The trading journals TraderSync and TraderDiaries are specifically designed to help traders optimize their trading activities and achieve maximum profits. These tools allow traders to learn from past experiences, identify important trends, and closely track their actions to replicate successful strategies or avoid mistakes.

The process of starting to use TraderSync and TraderDiaries is very simple. Let's begin with TraderDiaries. Any trader can use this tool completely free of charge since the diary does not have any additional paid modules or hidden fees.

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Follow the link and start using the free Diary
On the official TraderSync website, you can start using the service by going through the registration process. You will have a free trial period of 7 days. After this period expires, you will need to pay for a subscription to continue using the services.
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The monthly cost of TraderSync subscription

Do not rush to pay for the subscription

We share the opinion of traders who believe that subscriptions should be funded through profits.

Why beginners are not recommended to buy paid subscriptions:

  1. Beginners cannot be sure whether they will continue trading in six months.
  2. Novices lack the experience to determine which tools and resources are truly necessary and which ones might be excessive.

Let's consider the prices on the TraderSync platform. For small accounts, an annual license may be too expensive, and newcomers might have to opt for monthly payments. With a subscription cost of $30 per month, the annual subscription would amount to $360. For an account of $1000, this represents over 30% per annum. It seems to be too high a cost for a novice trader.

Do not rush to buy a paid subscription. Try learning on trial periods and analyze free resources. This is important because many traders come to realize over time that trading is not for them, and the money spent on the subscription cannot be refunded.
As developers, we want to assure you that most of the "visually appealing and diverse" paid features of Diaries are unnecessary. Therefore, we strongly recommend traders to start with the free Diaries. This will help avoid unjustified expenses on "additional features" that might actually be impractical.

TraderDiaries as an alternative to TraderSync

TraderDiaries provides all the necessary tools for analyzing cryptocurrency trades on exchanges. The interface offers both light and dark modes, which do not distract from the analysis. The combination of minimalist modules on the dashboard makes using the diary pleasant to the eye.

The TraderSync interface also offers light and dark themes, but it displays several data points on the toolbar with different colors, creating a sharp contrast. This can be tiring for the eyes, especially during prolonged use.

The TraderDiaries team is working on auxiliary services such as signals for cryptocurrency and stock markets, as well as a cryptocurrency screener. All these additional features are available within the diary.

The comparison between TraderDiaries and TraderSync is easiest to conduct based on personal experience. Start by using the free TraderDiaries and test the trial period of TraderSync. Explore the functionality of both platforms, and then make your choice based on your own opinions and preferences.

What does a free diary offer

Cost savings

You won't need to pay for anything. Just sign up on our platform, connect the exchange where you conduct your trading, and start analyzing your transactions! It's completely legal and official. We have no restrictions whatsoever.

The diary includes support

Do you have any questions about TraderDiaries? Please contact our support service. We will be happy to help you understand the issue and find the necessary solution together.

Regular updates

We are constantly moving forward! Our team regularly enhances the project with new features that bring benefits. Moreover, we always carefully listen to our users and take into account their requests and wishes.


Let's summarize.

Is it worth it for a beginner trader to pay for TraderSync?
If you are a beginner in trading, take your time. First, gain experience by using trial periods and free diary. When you have accumulated enough experience, then consider the idea of making purchases.

Is TraderSync worth its money?
If you are an experienced trader and believe that TraderSync is the most convenient tool, then there is no need to doubt - it is indeed a high-quality trading journal.