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An online service for storing trading history.

Helps find and correct mistakes in trading.

100% free!

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CScalp is a free professional trading terminal designed for active trading on cryptocurrency exchanges and the Moscow Exchange
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Why do you need Traders Journal

Saves time
Automatically uploads and marks trades on the chart. The trader doesn't waste time transferring transactions "manually" and calculating in Excel
Stores history
Downloads trading information to the account. The archive of trades is securely stored in one place, even if the trader changes trading accounts and exchanges
Finds errors
With the Traders Journal, it's easy to find and correct mistakes in trading. For example, if the trader is not controlling risks, the journal will quickly detect it
Provides Ideas
Trading signals from top traders and an online screener are built into the Journal


The TradersDiaries interface is designed for active traders. The investor's journal answers the question "How has my portfolio or account changed?" while the Trader's Journal answers another question - "How did I trade?" We have removed everything unnecessary so that nothing distracts from the analysis of trading results.

Trader Signals

Signals are ideas for trades from intraday traders. Ideas are received online and available for free within the Journal. Signals can be discussed with the author or other traders in the chat.

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Cryptocurrency Screener

The screener helps traders keep track of the market and find situations for trades. The feature of our cryptocurrency screener is that it can select volatile coins that are currently "in play".

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Trading Education

Traders Journal is convenient to use when learning trading to exchange trading results between the teacher and students during the course. The trader creates a link to the trading day and passes it on to the recipient. The recipient sees only anonymous trades, confidential information is not known to him.


read-only keys, traders diaries, trader's diary
Read-only keys
Traders Journal uses "read-only" keys. Transactions are prohibited through such keys - only information can be read. If a hacker intercepts the key, he cannot gain access to the assets
traders diaries, trader's diary, anonymous trades
Anonymous storage of trades
Developers guarantee that there is no mechanism in the Journal that allows the account to be linked to the owner's identity. The service can be used without using an email via Telegram
traders diaries, trader's diary, deleting an account
Complete deletion
An account in the Journal can be deleted at any time. Deletion is irreversible, data will be erased from the project's servers

How to use Traders Journal

  • Register and Connect Keys

    Create an account and enter API keys. There are no restrictions on the number of accounts. You can connect multiple accounts from one exchange or accounts from multiple exchanges

  • Wait for the Update

    The journal will download trades and save them in the account, which will take a couple of minutes. After that, the service will update the data automatically, and the trader does not need to worry about it

  • Find a Situation, Make a Trade

    Find a trading idea using signals, screeners, or trading chat. Open and close the trading position

  • Make a Comment

    Study trades on the chart, evaluate the financial result. Record in comments why you decided to enter the position, describe emotions during the trade, attach screenshots, and trading videos

  • Analyze Trading

    Regularly review trades and comments. Re-analyze situations, find errors in past actions, and try not to repeat them

  • "Share" Trades

    To show someone your trade, use sharing - the "share trade" function. Create a link to the trade and pass it on. The recipient will see an anonymous trade without confidential information about the account