from the CScalp team
from the CScalp team


Online service for storing and analyzing trading history.

Diary will help you to find and fix trading mistakes.

100% free!

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Why Diary is necessary
  • Saves time
    Diary automatically reads trades and marks them on chart. The trader no longer needs to waste time on saving trades and calculating trades.
  • Stores history
    Diary collects and stores trading history from different exchanges. Trader can change accounts, but the trades archive will be securely stored in one place.
  • Finds mistakes
    Diary allows you to improve risk management. If trader does not control the risks, Diary will help you understand and fix it.
  • Read-only keys
    Diary uses read-only keys. Such keys do not allow making transactions – it only reads trades.
  • Anonymous storage
    Our developers guarantee that Diary does not have and will not have anything to link the account with the identity of its owner.
  • Removal feature
    Diary allows the user to delete their account and all associated information at any time. It will not be possible to return the information after removal.
How to use Diary
  • Register and connect keys

    Create an account (it's completely free) and connect API keys. There are no restrictions on the number of accounts - you can connect several accounts of the same exchange or accounts from different exchanges.

  • Update trades

    Click on "Update" button. Diary will download the latest trades and keep them in your account. Your trades will be calculated and analyzed with the final result thereafter.

  • Leave a comment

    Add a comment to the trade. Describe why you opened the position. Add your trading reason for the opening trade. Add screenshots and videos to the comment if you made them.

  • Analyze trades

    Analyze your trading history. Analyze situations, find mistakes in your actions and try to improve your trading result.

  • Share trade

    Diary has a special feature for sharing your trades. Create a trade link and send it. The recipient will see only the trade, without information about the account or a trader.