We have prepared instructions for transferring funds between the Binance and Bybit exchanges. We tell you how to transfer cryptocurrency from Binance to Bybit and from Bybit to Binance. To withdraw funds from Binance, you need to go through the KYC procedure. Instructions for KYC on Binance can be found here.
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Transferring from Binance to Bybit

We enter the official Bybit website, and select "Assets" and then "Asset Overview."
This will open the exchange wallet. We select the "Spot" or "Derivatives" wallet and press "Deposit."
Next, we select the coin we plan to transfer from Binance and the network we want to transfer it in. In our case, it is transferring USDT in the TRC-20 network. When selecting the network, we pay attention to the transaction fee. We copy the wallet address and go to Binance.
Note: always pay attention to the translation network. If you chose the TRC-20 network on Bybit, then Binance should also have this one. If you choose the wrong network, funds may be lost.
On Binance, click on the profile icon. Select "Wallet", then "View Wallet".
The exchange wallet tab will open. Click "Output".
Select the coin you want to transfer, paste the wallet address copied to Bybit, and select the network - the same one that was indicated on Bybit. Click "Output".
After we confirm the transaction with codes from SMS (or authenticator, depending on the chosen 2FA method) and email.
Ready! We go to Bybit and see that the deposit is credited.

Transfer from Bybit to Binance

To transfer money from Bybit to Binance, go to Binance, click on the profile icon, select Wallet, then Browse Wallet.
In the tab that opens, select "Enter".
Next, select a coin and a transfer network (we again chose USDT and the TRC-20 network).
The wallet address and addon will appear with more information about the translation. Let's go to Bybit.
Note: always pay attention to the translation network. If you have chosen the TRC-20 network on Binance, then Bybit should also have this one. In the case of an incorrectly selected network, funds may be lost
On Bybit, select "Assets", then "Overview Assets".
Select "Spot" wallet and click "Withdrawal". A coin and network selection window will open.
We select a coin, paste the previously copied address from Binance and select the network that was pointed to Binance. Click "Confirm".
We confirm the transaction with a code from email and Google Authenticator.
Ready! USDT sent to Binance.


The conclusion of the text is that transferring cryptocurrency from one exchange to another is simple and secure. It is important to pay attention to the network, transaction fees, and additional information from the exchange.

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