Thanks for your interest in! Here's how to get started using your diary in 3 easy steps.
Follow the link from the letter
Set a password for your account
Connect API keys

1. Follow the link from the letter

You will receive a letter in your email after registering on The letter contains a link to confirm your e-mail. If you used an e-mail address for which an account has already been created in the Diary, then the letter will contain a link to enter and a link to reset your password.

If you didn’t receive the letter, you should check your spam folder and try to register again.

Find the letter in your mailbox and follow the link from the letter.

2. Set a password for your account

Diary will ask you to set a password after following the link. Create and type a password. Try to use a password of letters, symbols, and numbers.

If you have forgotten your password, you can always restore it on this page.

After verifying your password, Diary will create an account for you.
Registration is complete, however, in order to fully use the Diary, you need to connect API keys.

3. Connect API keys

API keys could be connected in "Add crypto API keys" section.

CScalp, установка

Account is ready to connect API keys

Create and copy a pair of API keys in your exchange personal account. Important: use read-only keys. Such keys allow you to read the history of trades, but do not allow you to make transactions.

Enter the keys. Diary will accept and check them. You will see the keys in the "Keys/Account Management" table. Enter a name and comment for the key if it’s necessary.

Done! Now you can follow the Diary tab and see the latest transactions there.

We hope your trading will be better with Diary! If you have any difficulties or questions, ask them in the chat or contact support (a "live person" will answer).